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May 11, 2022 View:

Reasons For Rotary Lobe Pumps To Replace Screw Pumps In Sludge Treatment

lobe pumps are gradually replacing progressive cavity pumps in sewage sludge treatment processes, mainly because, they have the following advantages.

1、Abrasion resistance

Fully encapsulated spiral rotor in Buna-N, wear-resistant liner, pump casing available in 304

2、No blockage

Short overflow chamber mileage, positive displacement pump principle

3、Small footprint

Only 1/3 of the floor space compared to screw pumps

4、Simple maintenance method

50cm space on one side of the pump head allows the pump cover to be opened without removing the motor and the pipework to be serviced

5、Low cost of use

Wear parts cost 10%-15% of the pump head price

6、Strong self-priming

Self-priming up to 9 metres without pumping, allowing for gas-liquid mixing.

Ace lobe pumps have now become the best alternative to centrifugal, gear and screw pumps and have a wide range of applications in environmental protection, sewage treatment, petrochemicals and other fields.