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May 18, 2022 View:

Reflux sludge lobe pump selection points

The technical points about the selection of reflux sludge lobe pump should be based on the scale of treatment in the wastewater plant where it is located, the area where it is located and the frequency of use, to choose the right pump type. So the return sludge lobe pump selection should start from the following points:

Sludge wear: sludge wear on the pump is normal, need to replace the rotor on time, stator (for screw pumps)

Equipment maintenance costs: the initial purchase of the lobe pump does not meet the requirements of the owner, but the later parts cost is 5% - 10% of the whole pump; the replacement process is simple: only need to be in the pipe The rotor can be replaced by removing the pump cover in the pipeline, without removing the motor.

Pump footprint: ground mounted, 1/3 of a progressive cavity pump

Energy saving and environmental protection: on this point, many customers do not think, but after seeing the industrial electricity consumption at the end of the month, it will surprise you.