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May 11, 2022 View:

Rotary Lobe Pump And Screw Pump Which Is Better To Use

Rotor pumps and screw pumps are both volumetric pumps, so their performance is basically similar, both can transport high viscosity media, both have a high delivery pressure. So, which is better, the lobe pump or the screw pump? You'll have the answer after reading the following introduction to Ace lobe pumps!

lobe pump

lobe pumps are identical to progressive cavity pumps.

1. Both are positive displacement pumps.

2. The performance is basically the same, both are suitable for use in places with high viscosity or high concentration.

3. All can reach high pressures (heads).

Differences between lobe pumps and screw pumps.

1, the internal structure is different, the lobe pump is through the two rotors in the pump cavity reverse rotation, the volume of the inlet to the delivery port from large to small to achieve the purpose of conveying materials, while the screw pump is through the spiral screw in the rubber stator rotation, so that the material from front to back of the screw rotation eventually from the discharge port.

2, both in addition to mechanical seals are wearing parts, screw pumps and internal rubber stator is easy to damage, while the lobe pump no other wearing parts.

3, the sanitary level is higher for lobe pumps compared to screw pumps.

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