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May 11, 2022 View:

Rotary Lobe Pump And Screw Pump Which Is Good What Is The Difference Between The Two

Rotor pumps and screw pumps belong to a kind of positive displacement pump, the performance of the two is also basically similar, both can transport high viscosity media, with high transport pressure. So, lobe pump and screw pump which is good na? What are the specific differences between the two? Today Ace lobe pump's to introduce you.

lobe pump

Differences between rotor and screw pumps.

1, the internal structure is different lobe pump is through the analysis of the two research rotor in the pump cavity body to produce the reverse impact of rotation, the inlet to the Chinese conveying mouth of the volume from large to small and achieve the purpose of the enterprise conveying process materials, while the screw pump is through a spiral screw in the rubber stator rotation, so that the material can be sent from the front to the back of the spiral direction rotation end from the outlet.

2. The life of the parts are different As there is no friction between the parts of the lobe pump, the lobe pump has a long service life of the worn parts; however, the friction between the rotor and stator of the screw pump and the particles in the medium affect the service life of the worn parts. The stresses generated by the eccentrically rotating rotor are all borne by the stator, increasing the wear between the parts. Even when conveying media without any particles, the pump's stator gradually wears away.

3. Different sanitary level Due to the non-streamlined curved surface and the numerous defects in the cavity, the progressive cavity pump cannot be a sanitary pump. Damage to the cavity wall from teflon or rubber is more likely to contaminate the conveyed medium. However, due to the streamlined structure of the rotor and the basic absence of dead spots and non-metallic parts in the rotor cavity, high viscosity positive displacement pumps are more suitable for applications in industries with high hygiene requirements such as food and beverage and pharmaceuticals. The importance of choosing a lobe pump can be seen especially nowadays when production lines are becoming more and more automated and the use of in-line cleaning is increasing. This is why lobe pumps have a higher level of hygiene than screw pumps.

4, the direction of transport is different lobe pump conveying direction we can reverse, the pump is completely information symmetrical structure; and screw pump can not be reversed, its reverse transport when the seal system needs to be under pressure.

5, self-priming capacity of different screw pumps have good self-priming capacity, but to avoid pump idling, and can not exceed 30 seconds; then the lobe pump in the case of speed greater than 200rpm, can produce a good self-priming capacity.

After reading the above introduction, I think we can clearly distinguish between lobe pumps and screw pumps, Ace warm tip: before choosing any pump, there must be a clear understanding of the medium conveyed first!