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May 11, 2022 View:

Rotary Lobe Pump Base Installation Precautions

In general, what do I need to pay attention to when mounting a lobe pump base? Today Ace is here to tell you.

The main body of the lobe pump set base is a rectangular bent one-piece plate. The pump head is fixed directly to the base plate and the motor is fitted with a raised square mounting table as required by the height. The user should ensure that the base is placed horizontally. The base is not equipped with a liquid collector and has no lifting lugs. The user should be aware that if the unit is to be lifted, both the pump lugs and the motor lugs must be lifted at the same time, never as a single piece under fastening.

lobe pump

In addition, the base plate is not provided with a non-slip structure, so care should be taken to prevent slipping when stepping and walking. The base may not be equipped with ground screws, but if so, the user should not deform the base plate. The ground screws provided are for the use of the user only. The side line of the base at one end of the pump is flush with the end of the pump body. The user should leave a space of 60cm in front of this end for easy removal and replacement of the rotor.

These are the notes about the installation of the lobe pump base, I hope it will help you!