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May 11, 2022 View:

Rotary Lobe Pump Can Be Reversed? What Are The Benefits Of Rotary Lobe Pump Reversal

The lobe pump is reversible. The lobe pump is symmetrical in construction and reversible in the direction of delivery. Simply change the drive line of defence, pumping in forward rotation and flushable in reverse. However, the following should be noted in its process.

1、The motor wiring needs to be changed

2, the check valve on the pipe needs attention to change the direction.

3, lobe pump inlet usually requires a filter, which needs to be placed at the original outlet.

4, lobe pumps usually have a bypass to prevent holding pressure, the bypass needs to be changed.

Benefits of forward and reverse rotation of lobe pumps.

The lobe pump is different from other pumps, a great feature is not directional, both forward and reverse rotation. Therefore many working conditions can be used lobe pumps to clean the pool, pumping oil transfer loading and unloading or other materials, when the bottom mud silt can not be pumped clean, it can be flushed in reverse, the mud washed away, and then cleaned up.