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May 11, 2022 View:

Rotary Lobe Pump Can Be Used For Railroad Vacuum Dirt Unloading System

Railway vacuum decontamination system, not only can solve the problem of long decontamination time and low decontamination efficiency in the plateau, but also make up for a series of problems such as high energy consumption, complicated system operation and difficult construction of the existing system, which can better protect the environment around the railway and realise the concept of sustainable development and energy saving and environmental protection of the times, which has stage significance to the development of railway trains in the plateau.

The vacuum dirt discharge system consists of a lobe pump vacuum unit, vacuum piping, suction units and information and monitoring equipment. The main function of the system is to extract and discharge train collector dirt by generating a vacuum in the piping of the linear unit.

During operation, there is no dirt leakage, no odour, no blockage, high operational efficiency, fully automatic control, reliable operation, easy operation and maintenance, low energy consumption, long service life and a wide range of applications.

The vacuum unit maintains the vacuum level of the system, discharges the dirt and automatically controls and indicates it; the discharge and flushing unit extracts the dirt from the waste collector, discharges it into the vacuum line and flushes it; the vacuum line remains closed to convey and discharge the dirt. Each vacuum suction unit consists of 2 lobe pumps, modular and integrated, which can be used simultaneously or alternatively.

The dirt disposal unit occupies a small area and can be arranged both above and below ground; the use of automatic retraction reduces operating time and manual labour intensity, and the unit has a long operating radius, saving the number of units and investment.

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