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May 11, 2022 View:

Rotary Lobe Pump Can Significantly Reduce The Cost Of Transporting Cattle Manure

The composition of cow manure is mainly fibrous matter, which is too permeable and difficult to transport by ordinary pumps. If centrifugal pumps are chosen for transport, water dilution is required, which on the one hand causes secondary pollution of water, and on the other hand requires separation of water from the manure after it has been transported to its destination, with long natural air-drying time, air-drying difficulties, separator dewatering, large water content, large power consumption and large amount of waste water.

Choose Ace lobe pump, you can directly use the pump to transport the raw manure of cattle to the developed location, the pump is self-priming, the import and export chambers are separated, can be mixed with gas-solid-liquid three-phase transport, is a good animal manure transport tool, than manual + mechanical transport, easy to automate control, the overall cost is also significantly reduced, and the use of pipeline transport, so that the internal environment of the plant is clean and tidy.

In addition to this, the choice of a lobe pump for conveying cattle manure has the following advantages.

1、The system has a simple configuration, the whole system consists of only: cam lobe pump + pipeline

2、Low manpower cost and high degree of automation. The pumping system can be controlled automatically by the control cabinet, eliminating the need for human input, and the liquid level can be set to start automatically and regularly, unattended, 24 hours operation.

3、The system is characterised by low energy consumption, no pollution, simple operation, small space occupation, saving investment and high efficiency.

4、Low operation cost, we use the scale of a thousand cows farm to calculate, using a 30m/h, motor power of 15Kw rotary lobe pump to clean the cattle manure storage tank, the average daily work of about 1.2 hours to clean the cow manure, with a full load motor power calculation, 1.2 hours of electricity consumption is about 18 yuan, the average annual electricity consumption cost is only 6570 yuan (the same conditions do not count equipment input); compared with the traditional semi-mechanical way to clean manure, lobe pump for your farm to save up to 113,430 yuan. Compared to the traditional semi-mechanical way of cleaning manure, the lobe pump saves your farm up to 113,430 RMB, which is equivalent to 28.4 tonnes of fresh milk at a milk price of 4000 RMB per tonne, which gives your farm an additional 3.5 high yielding cows at an annual milk production of 8 tonnes per single cow.

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