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May 11, 2022 View:

Rotary Lobe Pump Common Failures And Solutions

In the process of using the lobe pump, if you encounter insufficient flow pressure, motor heating, vibration noise, bearing heating, media bubble situation, you should immediately stop the pump to check.

I. Insufficient flow pressure Poor inlet seal, need to re-install; rotor or cavity wear, replace rotor or cavity.

Second, the motor is hot power supply is out of phase, reconnect the power supply; poor contact, pressure, flow is too large, adjust the pressure, flow, check whether the current is overloaded; media viscosity is too high, heating media to reduce its viscosity; rotating parts card pump, replace the rotating parts.

Three, vibration noise inlet blockage, increase the inlet diameter; pressure is too high or vacuum is too high, reduce the vacuum or export pressure.

Fourth, the seal is too loose or damaged at the seal leakage, adjust or replace the seal.

Five, the pump is hot with debris into the flow caused by too small or stuck pump, open the pump cover, clear debris, check the pump rotation, such as abnormal should be more bad wearing parts.

Sixth, the bearing is hot spindle bending, replace the spindle, bearing; bearing damage, add oil. Insufficient oil stored in bearing oil chamber, add oil.

Seven, the medium has air bubbles inlet pipeline leakage, check the inlet pipeline and connection interface and valve.

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