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May 11, 2022 View:

Rotary Lobe Pump For Farm Manure Transfer How Stable

Manure effluent from farms is mainly a mixture of pig manure, sewage, urine, granules and flocculent matter, which is corrosive and abrasive. The lobe pump uses a fully rubber covered rotor, the medium has better passability and the rubber is resistant to wear and corrosion, which has been widely used in the farming industry.

1、Strong self-priming ability

The lobe pump shows good self-priming ability when transporting farm manure, it can clean animal manure particularly clean and thorough, and it takes very short time to clean, making the cleaning efficiency greatly improved, which is the ideal choice for people to clean animal manure.

2、Smooth running, not easy to clog

The lobe pump has been developed using advanced patented technology and has shown good stability in use, with no clogging of the equipment, making it highly efficient in cleaning animal manure.

3、Long service life

Low rotational speeds and a wear-resistant rubber liner with axial and radial wear plates allow the pump to run longer and with a low failure rate.

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