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May 11, 2022 View:

Rotary Lobe Pump In The Connection Of Pipeline Precautions

What do lobe pumps need to be aware of when coupling piping? Ace will take you through them today.

(1) Coupling of feed pipes.

The coupling of the feed pipe must be kept in a horizontal position to prevent residual air or gas from being left in the pipe and affecting the normal work of the equipment; for high viscosity materials, a high level of feed should be used to increase the feed pressure of the feed pipe, and the higher the viscosity of the material being handled, the higher the position of the feed storage tank should be.

(2) With regard to the installation of safety valves.

In the production process, it is possible to use the lobe pump to transport the material directly to the tanker or high pressure pump (homogeniser) a fixed output flow of equipment, in this case if the outlet of the lobe pump directly to the next level of equipment imports without any intermediate measures, it may produce due to the universal transport of the transport volume is greater than the next level of equipment use, it will cause the lobe pump mail pressure This can lead to excessive pressure in the lobe pump, causing swelling and serious damage to the lobe pump. The solution to this problem is to install a safety valve in the discharge piping to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. If the outlet pipe of the lobe pump is equipped with a shut-off valve, it is even more necessary to install a safety valve.

(3) Direction of import and export.

For lobe pumps, the inlet and outlet ports are specified at the factory. Please arrange the inlet and outlet pipes in strict accordance with the inlet and outlet marks on the factory equipment, no reverse connection is allowed.

(4) Provisions relating to the steering of electric motors.

The steering of the motor of each lobe pump is specified at the factory and is clearly marked on the motor, please strictly follow the steering marks on the motor or pump chamber cover and do not allow reverse rotation.

(5) Notes on mechanical seals.

The shaft seal of the lobe pump adopts mechanical seal structure, the mechanical seal of the moving ring is carbide, the static ring is also carbide or ceramic and graphite, carbide and carbide, carbide and graphite or ceramic seal between good or bad determines the good or bad operation of the equipment, because the contact between carbide and graphite or ceramic is hard contact form, so the lobe pump is not allowed to run without material, otherwise, the mechanical seal will be damaged quickly. .

The above is the lobe pump in connection with the pipeline precautions, I hope you help!