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May 11, 2022 View:

Rotary Lobe Pump In The Sewage Treatment Industry Application Advantages

With their reliable quality, unique design, excellent performance and ease of maintenance, rotor pumps are widely used in the wastewater treatment, drainage and municipal industries worldwide. Today Ace lobe pump's will mainly introduce you to the advantages of lobe pumps in the wastewater treatment industry.

The advantages of lobe pumps in the wastewater treatment industry

1. Gas-liquid mixing, no pump filling required.

The pump chamber does not need to be filled with water before use and is ready for use when switched on, with water coming out in 5-10 seconds. Short dry runs are permitted.

2、Strong self-priming, suction range up to 9m

3、High pressure, output pressure can be up to 1.8Mpa

4、No tangle, no blockage

The wide inlet and outlet of the lobe pump allows for the passage of gravel, plastic bags, woven bags, hair, flocculent impurities

5、Abrasion resistance

Features a three-bladed rubber-coated rotor that can cope with the wear and tear of 80mm particles.

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