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May 11, 2022 View:

Rotary Lobe Pump Reciprocating Pump Screw Pump What Is The Difference Between The Three

Rotor pumps, reciprocating pumps, screw pumps are currently used more fluid transfer equipment, so what are the differences between the three in the use of the process? Today Ace lobe pump's will be briefly introduced for everyone.

The lobe pump is assembled as a whole using a coupling, reducing the power consumption of the flexible coupling, noise and wear and tear replacement and increasing the efficiency of the work, obtaining the highest efficiency, the smallest internal sliding and longer service life. It is composed of a static pump casing and a rotating rotor, which has no suction or discharge valves, relying on the rotor in the pump body to act directly on the liquid in the form of static pressure, and discharging the liquid through the squeezing effect of the rotor, while leaving space on the other side to form a low pressure so that the liquid is continuously drawn in.

lobe pumps have a high pressure head, usually a small flow rate and a uniform discharge, and are suitable for transporting liquids with high viscosity and lubricity, but without solid particles. Types include gear pumps, screw pumps, sliding vane pumps, flexible impeller pumps, Roots pumps, rotary piston pumps, etc., of which gear oil and screw pumps are the most common lobe pumps.

Reciprocating pumps are pumps that use the reciprocating motion of a piston to transport liquids, relying on the reciprocating motion of the piston to transmit energy directly to the liquid in the form of static pressure energy. As the liquid is incompressible, it can be subjected to very high pressure when the piston presses the liquid, resulting in a very high head.

Screw pump is a single screw type pump, its main working parts are the eccentric spiral body of the screw (called rotor) and by the surface is a double line spiral surface of the screw bushing (called stator), belongs to a kind of lobe pump. The screw pump is a new type of machinery for conveying liquids, with the advantages of simple structure, safe and reliable work, easy to use and maintain, continuous and even liquid discharge, stable pressure, etc.

The above is the main difference between the three, the specific need for which one also depends on the material conveyed, specific consultation: +086-18626835909