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May 11, 2022 View:

Rotary Lobe Pump Rotary Lobe Rubber Off The Cause Of Analysis

We know that the main wearing parts in the lobe pump are rotor, wear plate, bushing, flexible coupling, mechanical seal, dynamic and static ring, O-ring, bearing, impeller nut, packing pressure plate, etc. Especially the rotor, which is the main part of the lobe pump. Today Ace will share with you the causes of lobe pump rotor rubber falling off.

1, the rotor rubber shelling is mainly caused by improper selection of adhesive, improper treatment of the inner surface of the pump bright or unclean inner surface and other factors.

2, the main reason for the rotor rubber off block is the rubber hardness is too large, rubber vulcanization when over sulfur, rubber early vulcanization or rotor with too much interference, etc..

3, for the rotor in the rubber does not wear phenomenon, the main reason is that the medium conveyed by the lobe pump contains a large number of impurities, and the tensile strength of the rubber rotor is much lower than the compression strength. Once there are hard particles of impurities embedded, the hard particles of rubber will produce tensile deformation on the surface of the stator when subjected to the tensile force of rotor rotation, making it appear as a break in the molecular chain. In other words, it exceeds the strength of the molecular chain, so the stator will crack and expand until the rubber is damaged. In addition, the wear caused by the cutting action of hard particles on the rotor during pump operation is also an important reason for the rotor being damaged. This is why it is particularly important to choose the correct rubber compound, as the stator will wear more easily if it is not chosen correctly.

In addition to unreasonable rubber formulations, too low rubber content, improper selection of rubber hardness, the rotor's overfilling is not uniform or the overfilling is too large, the medium is poor or the rubber has aged, etc. is also an important reason why the rotor is not wear-resistant.

4, the main reasons for the deformation of the rotor curve include: the poor performance of the rubber resistance to compression and long-term deformation, the production process control of the pressed rubber has problems causing insufficient vulcanisation, the inaccurate shape of the rotor core for pressing, the eccentric placement of the rotor core when pressing, the quality of the surface of the rotor core or the poor quality of the rotor surface and other factors.

In order to ensure the quality of the rubber rotor, the first step is to select the correct rubber species according to the working conditions as well as the media conditions. When storing the rotor, avoid sunlight, storage at -20°C or high temperature, and avoid contact with dust or oil and other polluting and corrosive media, while storage for too long is easy to age and should be used in time.