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May 11, 2022 View:

Rotary Lobe Pump Routine Maintenance And Maintenance

Ace lobe pump manufacturers remind everyone that the lubricant level should be checked before each pump run and the lubricating fluid should be replaced regularly.

Below Ace shares some information about the entrance maintenance and care of lobe pumps.

I. Disassembly of pump cover and flange

Before removing the flange and pump cover care should be taken to.

1. Turn off the power supply; 2. Close the inlet and outlet valves; 3. Loosen all the pump cover fastening nuts by about 5mm and gently pry the pump cover to release the pressure inside the pump.

Note: The liquid inside the pump may spurt out under pressure. When loosening the pump cover, it is recommended to cover the pump cover with a cloth.

Second, the pump cleaning

1. Remove the pump cover and clean the pump chamber, cover and flange with something suitable.

2. To dry the pump body, spray or wipe the working surface inside the pump cavity with a metal surface protector that is harmless to rubber.

3. Do not use oil-based protectants on EPDM or SBR lobe pumps.

III. Frost protection

Pumps and pipes should be protected against freezing. When the pump is not working in temperatures below 0°C, drain the pump and piping, otherwise the frozen medium will greatly damage the pump, especially the rubber-covered rotor.

The above is the lobe pump routine maintenance and maintenance methods, I hope it will help you!