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May 11, 2022 View:

Rotary Lobe Pump Selection Steps And Precautions

Rotor pump is a volumetric pump, due to its compact mechanism, easy maintenance, wide range of applications and other advantages, is now widely used in food, medicine, chemical and other fields. Today Zhejiang Ace lobe pump's will take you to understand the selection steps and selection considerations of the lobe pump, I hope it will help you!

lobe pump selection steps

1、According to the required flow rate and pressure, refer to the pump performance range table and make a preliminary selection of the pump model.

2. Substitute the flow rate and pressure into the performance curve of the selected pump to obtain the pump speed. Combine with the medium solid rate and viscosity, check whether the selected speed is reasonable, such as unreasonable, it is necessary to re-select the type.

3、Substitute the speed and pressure into the shaft power curve of the selected pump type to derive the pump shaft power and select the appropriate motor power (motor power shaft power 1.15).

4. According to the properties of the medium, choose a suitable material for the overflow components.

lobe pump selection considerations

In general, the first consideration in the selection of lobe pumps is the nature of the liquid to be conveyed.

1, for the lack of lubricity of the liquid, the pump is required to have a certain gap or make contact surface is small, because under load to avoid excessive friction and wear, the lack of lubricity of the liquid form no oil film.

2. For liquids containing abrasive solids, the selection should take into account that the solid particles in the transported suspension will not cause jamming or excessive wear.

3, for liquids with soft solid particles, the selection should take into account that the pump has a clearance suitable for such solid particles, without causing damage to the particles.

4, for shear stress-sensitive liquid, the selection should be considered when the pump has a gentle action, and so that the liquid is not high local shear stress, usually choose a lower speed of the pump.