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May 11, 2022 View:

Rotary Lobe Pump Wearing Parts Have These Several Click To View

Wear parts are the most vulnerable parts of the lobe pump, in the process of use, repair and maintenance, etc., the need for special maintenance of wear parts, so what are the specific wear parts of the lobe pump? Today Ace lobe pump's will tell you!

I. Pump casing

The pump casing is generally cast iron, which is susceptible to cracking by mechanical force or thermal stress. When the pump is working due to the impact of cavitation or in the winter did not put off the pump casing water and subject to freezing, such as heavy damage can not be repaired should be replaced by a new pump casing.

II. Pump shaft

Pump shafts are generally carbon steel parts, but they are also susceptible to damage due to manufacturing quality, use or installation. Cracks, bends, worn journals, damaged threads, etc. may appear on the pump shaft, and fractures may also occur. If the damage is too severe to repair, the shaft should be replaced with a new one.

III. Plain bearings

Sliding bearing shaft tile is copper's tin alloy cast, wear resistance is very poor, is one of the most vulnerable to wear and burn wear parts, shaft tile can generally be repaired, can also be replaced with new parts. Rolling bearings generally have an average service life of 5000 hours, but improperly installed, used for a long time or poor maintenance, also easy to wear or destroyed. Rolling bearings in addition to the individual parts can be exchanged for new, generally have to replace the overall parts.

IV. Oil seals

Oil seals are rubber products that are prone to wear and ageing and generally need to be replaced with new parts.