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May 11, 2022 View:

Rotary Lobe Pump Why So Popular Do You Know

The lobe pump is so popular not only because of its wide range of applications, its ability to handle a mixture of solids, liquids and gases, its resistance to wear and corrosion, but also because it helps customers solve problems efficiently and at the same time reduces energy consumption and other costs. The Ace lobe pumps are described in more detail below.

lobe pump

I. Easy maintenance

The lobe pump casing is lined with a protective liner, and when the pump is found to be worn out, the axial liner can be replaced. The maintenance process is not as troublesome as other pumps, without removing the pipeline, the motor, and opening the pump cover can be replaced. Generally speaking, the service life of wearing parts is about 2 years, so the whole use of maintenance costs are reduced.

Second, high efficiency and low energy consumption

The lobe pumps are more efficient, stable, pulsation-free, vibration-free and use a reduced motor power, which significantly reduces energy consumption over long periods of time.

Three, energy-saving and reliable, low running costs

lobe pumps are compact, occupy a small area and are easy to install. And no wear and tear, high reliability, relatively long service life, relatively low running costs, the pump's frequency converter can also be adjusted at any time flow, effective and controllable energy saving and consumption reduction.

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