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May 11, 2022 View:

Rotary Lobe Pumps Are Suitable For Which Fluid Transfer

The lobe pump is a volumetric pump with high efficiency, good corrosion resistance, high standardisation, high versatility, online maintenance and simple disassembly. It is widely used for transporting oils such as lubricating oil and crude oil; it can also be used to transport high viscosity materials such as rubber, asphalt, paints, adhesives, dyestuffs, paints, lubricants, polyols, foodstuffs etc. which do not contain particulate impurities; it is particularly suitable for the transport of high viscosity consistency media.

lobe pump

In the petrochemical industry, the transport of high viscosity liquids (such as synthetic rubber, resins, polymeric liquids of fibres, etc.) is one of the main consumption processes, and the machinery used to complete the transport of liquids is pumps in various ways. Because of the high viscosity of the raw liquid, the pump has a high suction resistance, and in order to guarantee the pump has the corresponding self-priming capacity, Ace lobe pumps are generally used to transport high viscosity liquids.

In addition, the lobe pump for some easy to sensitive material transfer will not cause damage to the physical properties of the material, so in the transfer of those not easy to flow media such as paste or easy to sensitive materials such as yeast, yoghurt and other materials transfer, the lobe pump is the best choice for people.