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May 11, 2022 View:

Rotary Lobe Pumps Have These Advantages Compared With Gear Pumps

lobe pumps and gear pumps are both positive displacement pumps, but it is recommended that lobe pumps be considered when there are complex processes such as.

Processes requiring strong self-priming, gas-liquid mixing, high viscosity media with particulate matter

If the viscosity of the inhaled medium is large, the gear pump appears to inhale abnormally, the viscosity is too low, air will enter, the gears will show serious wear and the pump will fail.

It should be noted that the gear pump has a limited suction height and needs to be filled with fluid each time, otherwise wear and tear will occur.

The viscosity of the medium conveyed by the gear pump is controlled at 22-33 mm/s.

In short, for low viscosity, pure media, gear pumps can be considered, but for complex media self-priming lobe pumps need to be considered.

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