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May 18, 2022 View:

Rotor pump CIP injection function

What is the CIP injection function?

The CIP injection feature improves the cleanliness inside the pump (the part that comes in contact with the fluid) during the Clean in Place (CIP) process.

The pump shaft is the most difficult part to clean, and the pump casing contains enough cleaning agent inside. That's why the CIP nozzle feature cleans the inside of the pump alone without disassembly.

Preventing fluid buildup that can change its characteristics.

The internal profile of the pump shaft (the part that comes in contact with the fluid) is designed to avoid fluid buildup. This reduces the degradation of the fluid.

The CIP injection feature uses the pressure differential that exists between the pump inlet and outlet. Pumps with CIP injection have four "CIP injection holes" and "slits".

Operating sequence of CIP injection

(1) rotor pump equipped with CIP injection.

(2) A pressure differential is created between the inlet (low pressure area) and outlet (high pressure area).

(3) Liquid is pushed back from the high pressure zone (outlet) to the low pressure zone (inlet) through CIP injection holes and slits,

(4) The pumping motion of the pump creates a force that draws liquid in the low pressure zone.

Repeat steps (1) through (4) to continue the high pressure fluid flow.

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