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May 14, 2022 View:

Rotor pump MBR membrane process is widely used?

Nowadays, the industrial technology is more and more developed, the lobe pump products are applicable to various occasions, and the lobe pump MBR membrane process is also widely used because of its powerful advantages. What is the scope of application?

lobe pump

One, stable use and long life

The lobe pump MBR membrane process has strong negative pressure suction capability, can backwash, has variable frequency adjustable large flow rate and so on. Therefore, its working performance is relatively stable, and the working performance is stable in order to have stable working efficiency. The life span of a lobe pump with a lobe pump MBR membrane process is longer than the life span of a normal lobe pump, mainly because this process can reduce the loss of equipment, the loss is reduced, and the life span naturally increases.

Second, the process is more advanced

The lobe pump MBR membrane process is a more advanced technology in the market, enabling stable output, reducing waste, greatly improving efficiency, and reducing costs for companies. The advantages of the lobe pump MBR membrane process are safe filtration of all particles, sterilization of wastewater, small space required, low cost, and more.

III. Widely used in various fields

The lobe pump MBR membrane process is widely used in various fields and can meet the needs of different companies. It is especially suitable for wastewater treatment in arid areas. Compared with traditional water treatment processes, the lobe pump MBR membrane process can treat wastewater in a more reasonable way. It can be used in water plants, automotive industry, power plants, oil refineries, food plants, and other industries.

There are some other considerations when using lobe pump MBR membrane process, such as making the pump with media in it when self-priming, the inlet pipe diameter should not be too large and the inlet pipe length should not be too long, avoiding dry running of the lobe lobe pump for a long time, and also preventing the accumulation of air in the pipeline, etc.