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May 18, 2022 View:

Rotor pump and rotor line of domestic and foreign research status

Rotor pump technology has been quite mature overseas, and the product design and production have been serialized. The products have long been used in agricultural irrigation, slurry transportation, river sand drainage, coal mine drainage and crude oil mining. Even though the cost is higher but the whole operation cost is lower due to the advantages in life and maintenance. Foreign research on rotor pump rotor profile has been quite mature, and the research is still deepening, in the rotor profile optimization at the same time and research new profile. Its main direction is focused on low viscosity, shear-sensitive media in the pump's constant steady-state flow, to ensure that the quality of the pump medium remains unchanged. And according to the data, foreign research on twisted lobe rotor pumps has begun to take off.

Non-contact rotor pumps are currently used primarily as fans and vacuum pumps in China, and are less commonly used in media transfer applications. Most manufacturers are ordered to foreign products for mapping, production, basically no in-depth study of the rotor profile, product performance and foreign large gap. Corresponding theory is even less. Because of the rotor design, processing difficulties, is also a cause of the domestic manufacturers less. At present, the advantages of the rotor pump has caused the domestic use of units and technical personnel awareness, some schools and scientific research units have also begun the development and research of the rotor pump in the country, but with the foreign level is still far from. The domestic research on rotor pump, especially the research on rotor profile does not have a complete set of theoretical system, lack of theoretical research. Most of the design methods of rotor profile adopt the way of mapping, or adopt the method of determining the center distance and simulating the motion trajectory of the rotor to depict the rotor profile, and then make adjustments and corrections according to the experience and experimental data of the designers, and even some products are designed by using other similar simple curves for the rotor profile instead.