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May 14, 2022 View:

Rotor pump maintenance is simple can be positive and negative operation?

To repair the now widely used lobe pump, you need to look for a more reliable brand and use a more synchronized approach, as the lobe pump has a simple structure that can be repaired online, and the overall repair is more versatile. Next, we'll take a brief look at lobe pump repair, and the positive and negative operation methods.

lobe pump

I. Maintenance of the lobe pump before operation

The lobe pump is a volumetric pump with relatively low speed, high absorption capacity, mixed transport of gas-liquid-solid, and the requirement for impurity filtration. The lobe pump is a volumetric pump with relatively low speed, high absorption capacity, mixed gas-liquid-solid transport, and filtration requirements for impurities. When the lobe pump maintenance, to check the amount of oil remaining before operation, to half of the standard, a certain time need to be removed and replaced in a timely manner.

Second, the lobe pump operation process maintenance

The lobe pump in the process of operation, to pay attention to the rated power changes, abnormalities to timely disable, not arbitrary operation of the total flow, prevention and control caused by the pump vibration. Try to prohibit the import and export of any goods before the need for repair to ensure identification of the friction within the lobe pump.

Three, the lobe pump forward and reverse operation situation

If the lobe pump is under normal use, and the design structure is symmetrical, the drive steering can be changed to be able to shift the operation direction, therefore, a simple forward and reverse operation is possible. Because the lobe pump is driven in synchronization with the primary and secondary shafts, the volume changes, and there is no gap between the rotor and pump casing, the symmetrical design allows for positive suction and backflush capability.

The above introduction to the lobe pump maintenance situation, I believe that the doubts of everyone can help, in order to lobe pump operating performance can be long, it is necessary to use the problem occurred after the maintenance can be simple, as far as possible staff will be able to simply repair to ensure normal operation and safety.