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May 14, 2022 View:

Rotor pump selection to pay attention to what aspects

Guide: lobe pump are used to change the working volume and work on the principle of relative motion between the pump body and the rotor to promote increased energy of the liquid. The lobe pump differs from other types of pumps in that it is a volumetric pump and is rotating. The nature of the lobe pump is positive displacement, and the flow rate does not change at will. There are many types of lobe pump, such as gear pumps, hose pumps, flexible impeller pumps, etc. lobe pump can be used in applications that require metering and self-priming, in applications that contain gas, and in applications with small flow rates, but there are some issues that need attention in the selection of lobe pump.

lobe pump

One, consider the nature of the medium

The first point to note in the selection of lobe pump is the need to The first point that needs to be noted on is to choose a medium with strong corrosion resistance, high cleanliness and lubricity, this medium will be better for the lobe pump parts. Corrosion-resistant media is less likely to cause leakage.

Second, the viscosity and temperature of the medium

The lobe pump also has requirements for the viscosity and temperature of the medium, the viscosity of the medium is very important for the lobe pump, in addition, the temperature of the medium directly affects whether the pump needs to be heated.

Three, the inlet and outlet pressure of the lobe pump

The inlet pressure of the lobe pump will be conducive to the transport of media only when it reaches atmospheric pressure, if it is negative pressure, the lobe pump is more problematic in transporting media. The outlet pressure of the lobe pump is related to the resistance of the pipeline, therefore, we need to know the height and level setting of the pipeline, and also need to consider whether there are configurations such as safety valves and filters.

Therefore, when selecting a lobe pump, we must pay attention to the nature of the medium, viscosity and temperature as well as the inlet and outlet pressure of the pump so that we can choose the right one.