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May 14, 2022 View:

Rotor pump wear resistance how can transport high and low viscosity media?

The lobe pump is a very usable pump, using new technology, combining the overall advantages of centrifugal and progressive cavity pumps, capable of self-priming without valves, and the relationship between flow and speed is proportional, with high flow and faster speed. This lobe pump has more applications, and the next step is to introduce how wear-resistant the lobe pump is and how well it transports media.

lobe pump

One, the lobe pump has better wear resistance

Because the lobe pump is more commonly used nowadays, it is often used to replace submerged pump products with a larger suction range, which can be at a distance of eight to nine meters. One aspect that people also need to pay attention to is its abrasion resistance. Because of the good abrasion resistance, it is often used to transport media such as sewage and sludge, which also have impurities.

Two, the lobe pump is suitable for transporting media

The lobe pump is more suitable for self-priming or media containing more particles, and can transport high viscosity media, the structure of the lobe pump is more compact, in the process of transporting media, can be adjusted to the size of the media part, the strength. The relatively wide medium viscosity also does not affect the transport, from low to high can be smoothly transported media, safe operation, the amplitude of vibration is also relatively small.

Three, the lobe pump is more energy efficient and power saving

The lobe pump is relatively simple to maintain, without dismantling any pipeline, completely symmetrical situation can change the original direction of transport, will not cause damage to the lobe pump, more energy efficient, power saving, high efficiency. Favorable to solve the problem of air resistance, non-clogging, suitable for any gas and liquid transportation.

The above is an introduction to the wear-resistant nature of lobe pump, which are not only effective in transportation, but also long-lasting, can save electricity and run at a relatively low cost, which is very practical.