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May 11, 2022 View:

Routine Maintenance And Anti-Freezing Skills Of Pumps In Winter

With the onset of the winter cold snap, many pumps have been taken out of service and this is when pump overhaul and maintenance becomes particularly important. Today Ace lobe pumps is sharing some winter overhaul methods and anti-freeze tips for pumps.

Routine maintenance of pumps in winter

1、After the pump is out of use, drain the remaining water in the pump and pipeline, and clean the external mud to avoid the freezing of the water and water pipes to crack the pump body.

2, the pump bottom valve, bend and other cast iron parts, should use a wire brush to brush the rust clean, then first coated with anti-rust paint and then painted, to be dry and then put into the engine room or storage room ventilation dry place to keep.

3, with belt drive, the belt removed with warm water to clean and dry after hanging in a dry, no direct sunlight place, also do not store in the place with oil, corrosive substances and smoke. In any case, do not make the belt stained with oil, diesel or petrol and other oil substances, do not apply rosin and other sticky substances.

4, check the ball bearing, such as the inner jacket wear, absentee movement, ball wear or the surface of the spot should be replaced. For those that do not need to be replaced, gasoline or paraffin can be used to clean the bearings, grease them and reassemble them.

5、Check whether the impeller of the pump has cracks or small holes, whether the impeller fixing nut is loose, if there is damage should be repaired or replaced. If the impeller is worn too much or has been broken, it should be replaced with a new impeller in general. Local damage can be welded and repaired, and the impeller can also be repaired with epoxy resin mortar, and the repaired impeller should generally be subjected to static balance test. Check the clearance at the impeller grinding ring, if it exceeds the specified value, it should be repaired or replaced.

6、Pump shafts that are bent or badly worn should be repaired or replaced, otherwise they will cause unbalance of the rotor and wear of the parts concerned.

7, remove the screws soaked in diesel fuel with a wire brush to scrub clean, and coated with oil or grease, re-installed or wrapped in plastic and put away (can also be dipped in diesel fuel to save), so as not to rust or lost.

Water pump winter protection against freezing and icing

1. Empty the water from the pump and add water when using it. Prevent the pump from freezing and cracking the pump.

2、If the pump is frozen, use hot water or boiling water to pour into the pump to melt the ice. Or heat the pump casing.

3, you can do some anti-freeze maintenance on the pump body and pipeline, the pump body exterior can be wrapped with cotton wool or fabric, the pipeline can be wrapped around the grass rope fabric, etc., but also can be coated with anti-freeze paint and other measures.

4、Drain the water stored in the idle pump, keep the cooling water flowing, keep the pump warm or use steam or hot water to accompany the heat, and keep the spare pump inlet and outlet flowing.