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May 18, 2022 View:

Rubber lobe pump routine maintenance need to pay attention to what

Rubber lobe pump has strong self-priming performance, especially suitable for sucking sewage, sludge, oil on the sea, sweeping warehouse cleaning, loading and unloading oil and other work. It can convey gas, liquid and solid phase mixture materials, or gas-liquid unstable media and cavitation serious media. The outer contour of the rotor rubber parts as elastomer can keep a small gap with the metal parts in the pump cavity, which improves the volumetric efficiency and self-priming capacity of the pump.
Daily maintenance:
On any mechanical equipment, the usual protection and maintenance work done well, it is not only reflected in whether the production is normal, more importantly, directly affect the use of mechanical equipment ordained, on the pump, of course, is no exception, for this reason, pay attention to the following aspects of protection and maintenance work.
1, seals, pump seals are divided into static seals and dynamic seals, support static seals of the seal should pay attention to the appearance of the seal should not have scratches or bruises, otherwise, for a direct impact on the sealing effect; on the dynamic seal, because it will be subject to pressure and transport media corrosion, and media particles in the wear and tear of many factors, if a little careless, it is likely to have a leakage phenomenon. Once the product leaks, it should be shut down in time to overhaul, wipe with a soft clean cotton cloth, coated with a layer of glycerin, after assembling, first by hand before starting to use, such as correction is hopeless, should replace the new parts.
2. Smooth parts, the transmission gears of this pump, rolling bearings, it is necessary to adhere to the outstanding smooth conditions. Usually, often pay attention to the oil level in the gears, give enough smooth oil, and to ensure that the oil quality is pure, clean, regular (six months or a year) to replace a new oil. If it is difficult to avoid should be added with moisture-proof facilities.
4、Rubber lobe pump daily maintenance, whenever the shutdown does not work, will be based on the nature of the transported materials, choose the appropriate cleaning agent, the pump will be useful cleaning, zui finally have to use water to clean again, to ensure that the pump clean and sanitary.