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May 14, 2022 View:

Rubber rotor pump is very wear-resistant can be used in what fields

Nowadays, rubber lobe pump are gradually being widely used in daily life, and the powerful working performance of rubber lobe pump is to be brought into play in order to improve efficiency faster and to ensure that the actual environmental needs are met. Now many sewage treatment plants are beginning to install this type of rubber lobe pump to facilitate the role. The next step is to take a look at what rubber lobe pump are all about.

lobe pump

I. Wear resistance of rubber lobe pump

Rubber lobe pump, also known as wear resistant lobe pump, often have a role in wear resistant slurries or slurries, and are configured with different types of wear resistant configurations according to different types of wear resistant working conditions. The type of wear-resistant configuration, all can play a good effect. It is relatively advantageous to be able to be in the same kind of products because of its soft and hard fit design can ensure the safety of the pump body work.

Second, the rubber lobe pump for sewage transfer

I believe we have gradually understood the good performance of the rubber lobe pump, it can be used in sewage treatment plants, the equipment structure is relatively simple, the installation does not need to waste a lot of floor space, can be better, easy to use in the sewage treatment plant. The main role is to transport the sewage, excellent filtration, but also to prevent a large number of impurities entanglement problem, easily solved.

Three, rubber lobe pump for sludge thickening

Rubber lobe pump can also help with sludge thickening in wastewater treatment plants, as the equipment is a product that can be reversed, has a long service life, has no basic clogging problems, and can be safely used in gravity or mechanical thickening environments. Not only that, but the Ace rubber lobe pump is manufactured with exceptionally good materials, providing a good solution for sludge thickening.

The above is an introduction to the wear resistance and application areas of Rubber lobe pump, which I believe you have a basic understanding of, but it has many areas of use and is a device that can be used with excellent properties.