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May 14, 2022 View:

Rubber rotor pumps are suitable for which scenarios

Considering the wide range of applications of lobe pump, many manufacturers have started to make efforts to produce various types of lobe pump and to support a long-term relationship with customers to achieve mutual benefits. But from the customer's point of view, when buying a lobe pump, you need to choose the right model according to the usage context. So where is the rubber lobe pump suitable for use?

lobe pump

I. Sewage transfer situations

First, rubber lobe pump are suitable for sewage transfer applications. In this field, the use of lobe pump can reasonably convey sewage. And because the pump chamber is relatively wide, as well as the inlet and outlet are non-clogging, the efficiency of sewage transfer is very high. However, there are many other factors that affect the efficiency, and the efficiency cannot be judged only by the size of the pump chamber.

Second, rubber lobe pump can also efficiently perform the task of sinking tanks in wastewater treatment plants. Because the lobe pump has the function of solid-liquid mixing and separation, it can filter out the sand and other particles in the process of sewage treatment, and carry out the sink treatment. In order to achieve better sinker results, regular maintenance is required during daily use.

III. Sludge thickening scenarios

In addition, rubber lobe pump can also be used in sludge thickening scenarios. In the process of sludge thickening, the rotary medium is able to thicken sludge quickly because of the short distance it travels in the pump. If sludge thickening is often required, then when purchasing a lobe pump, it is recommended to measure the conveying distance within the pump.

Rubber lobe pump can be used in many contexts, in addition to the ones mentioned above. To ensure that the lobe pump you purchase will not clog during use, it is recommended that you purchase a lobe pump from a professional manufacturer.