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May 14, 2022 View:

Select stainless steel rotor pump from what aspects to start

The stainless steel lobe pump is the most common product in our life, but we simply do not know what to start with when choosing. If making an effective choice, we might as well get up and take a look.

lobe pump

The 1st aspect: material material

When we want to choose a product like stainless steel lobe pump, you can completely consider that the material material nowadays generally speaking material material The material is very much, there are abs material is the highest corrosion resistance performance. These materials are basically particularly suitable for some large boxes to do related equipment improvements, but try not to choose stainless steel welded boxes, and the previous vibration may lead to cracking and leakage at any time.

2nd aspect: heat dissipation

The stainless steel lobe pump is running at a higher speed, the heat is also higher, and the ability to dissipate heat slowly becomes an important indicator to measure. In the selection process we can completely look at the motor shell material of the equipment now, and also look at the actual situation of the equipment made outside the water tank, the technical content inside the water tank is not particularly high, and the heat dissipation will be poor.

The third aspect: the sewage medium

Sometimes this equipment is to be put into the sewage for use, so in this case it was decided to look at the sewage medium in the environment we use. When choosing a product, it is easy to save money by choosing a common product of equipment.

What aspects of stainless steel lobe pump equipment should be considered in the selection process? The company's main goal is to provide the best possible solution to the problem.