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May 11, 2022 View:

Selection And Application Of Sludge Reflux Pump

How is the sludge return pump selected for everyday use? What are the advantages of its application? Today Ace's will take you through it.

I. Selection of sludge return pumps

If you feel that the head of the sludge return pump cannot meet the requirements of the working conditions, you can consider using a submersible sewage pump with increased power instead. The proportion of sludge is higher than that of sewage.

II. Application of sludge return pumps

The sludge return pump is a sewage, sludge return equipment commonly used inside aeration ponds in the sewage treatment industry, the role of the sludge return pump is to keep the sewage slurry in the sludge pond in the state of activated sludge, so that the suspended solids concentration MLSS inside the aeration pond remains relatively stable, so the sludge return pump must be used to maintain a uniform slurry concentration in the aeration pond. The sludge reflux pump can also be used as special equipment for the reflux of mixed liquids in wastewater treatment plants, for the de-ammonia and de-ammonia of anti-pinning, and as irrigation equipment; the main feature of this sludge reflux pump product is that the flow rate is high and the head is low so that the sewage slurry is always in a back and forth flow state and no solidification occurs. The sludge return pump can be operated at a temperature of no more than 40c, the PH value of the sludge return pump is within the range of 5-9, and the depth of the sludge return pump into the medium cannot exceed 10m.

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