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May 14, 2022 View:

Selection guide of lobe double rotor pump

There are many types of lobe double lobe pump on the market today, and different types of lobe double lobe pump have their own unique scope of use. Customers must choose the right model in order to ensure that the lobe double lobe pump they choose will achieve their desired results. Here we talk about the guide to selecting a lobe double lobe pump.

lobe pump

I. Considering the medium

When choosing a lobe double lobe pump, customers must consider the medium. The viscosity size of the medium has different requirements on the speed of the double lobe pump. If you want to transport a high viscosity medium, then you should choose a smaller speed equipment, on the contrary, if you want to transport the liquid viscosity is not high, choose a larger speed equipment. The equipment that is proportional to the medium can better ensure the working effect. So when customers choose the type of equipment, they must choose the speed according to their needs.

Two, consider the temperature factor

When choosing the type of cam type double lobe pump, also consider the temperature, this temperature should also refer to the temperature of the medium, if transporting lubricating oil, the temperature is below 80 degrees, you can choose the oil pump with bearing structure inside the pump, if the temperature is more than 80 degrees, or the transported The lubricity of the liquid is relatively small, then you should choose the twin pump with external bearing structure.

In short, there are many factors to consider in selecting a lobe twin pump, and by considering all the many factors thoroughly, you will be able to select a more suitable twin pump that will work better. You now know the lobe type twin pump selection guide, for your future choice has a great help. We remind you here that you must do your homework before choosing a pump, be clear about your own needs, and understand where the advantages of each type lie.