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May 18, 2022 View:

Selection points of common rotor pumps

In industrial production, centrifugal pumps account for about 80% of all pumps and rotor pumps account for about 10%. Therefore users are generally more familiar with centrifugal pumps and prefer them. This often results in the use of centrifugal pumps in some occasions that are not suitable for the use of centrifugal pumps. In general, for a variety of different viscosity of the liquid transport, rotor pumps have other pumps incomparable advantages, but in the liquid transport, not only the viscosity of the problem, and often accompanied by high temperature, high pressure and sometimes corrosive, or contain solid particles. For this reason, when selecting a rotor pump, the following requirements must be taken into account:

1) The flow rate of the liquid being conveyed, and the range of viscosity for the selected pump.

2) For occasions with metering requirements, the selected pump has good performance stability when viscosity and other process conditions change.

3) The back pressure of the system, the applicable range of pressure of the selected pump.

4) Suction performance, the pumping performance at high viscosity.

5) High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.

6) Simple structure, easy to disassemble, cleaning and maintenance, etc.

In addition, in the selection of pump type must also consider the nature of the transported liquid, for the lack of lubrication of the liquid, the pump is required to have a certain gap or make the contact surface smaller, because in line with the need to avoid excessive friction and wear, the lack of lubrication of the liquid can not be shaped into an oil film; for the liquid containing abrasive solids, the selection should be considered when transporting solid particles in suspension does not cause jamming or For the liquid with soft solid particles, the selection should consider the pump has a suitable gap for such solid particles, not resulting in particle damage; for shear stress-sensitive liquid, the selection should consider a gentle action, and the liquid is not subject to high local shear stress, usually choose a lower speed pump.