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May 11, 2022 View:

Self-Priming Ability Is An Important Reason For The Rotary Lobe Pump To Replace Other Pumps

Self-priming capability is an important requirement of the user for machine pumps. The strong self-priming capability of lobe pumps can solve the problem of many pumps, such as centrifugal pumps, slurry pumps and hose pumps, which have no self-priming capability, or insufficient self-priming capability, or pumps which sacrifice other conditions because of their self-priming capability.

Why are lobe pumps self-priming?

The main reason for the self-priming capability of the lobe pump is the long sealing line between the rubber-covered rotor and the pump casing, which is almost free of gaps, so that the pumping force can be felt by hand at the inlet flange after switching on. The medium enters the pump cavity through the negative pressure of the inlet, so that small particles do not affect the normal delivery.

The self-priming capability of lobe pumps has found application in many industries, for example.

Oil and petrochemical industry

oily sewage lifting, rainwater lifting, waste water lifting, tank cleaning, catch basin cleaning, sweeping and unloading of bins, etc..

Municipal sewage plants

High density pond sludge pumping, membrane treatment, sand suction pumps, activated carbon dosing, etc..

Biogas digestate

River silt cleaning, manure and sewage pumping.

Mobility devices

Can be used as an emergency sewage pump truck

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