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May 11, 2022 View:

Several Common Rotary Lobe Pump Common Import And Export Form

When selecting a rotor pump, there are some differences in the form of its import and export due to the different materials conveyed. Today Ace lobe pump's will share with you several common import and export forms of lobe pumps.

1、Straight pipe type inlet and outlet

lobe pump

2、S-shaped import and export

lobe pump

3、S horizontal import/export

lobe pump

4、L horizontal import/export

lobe pump

5、S tee type import and export

lobe pump

Zhejiang Ace will customise the right form of inlet and outlet for your lobe pump. The inlet and outlet connections of the lobe pump can be quick-connected, screwed, clamped or flanged. The size of the inlet and outlet can be converted appropriately. It is worth mentioning that the inlet and outlet sizes of high viscosity transfer pumps, viscous slurry pumps and thick sludge pumps are matched as large as possible so as to reduce resistance.