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May 11, 2022 View:

Share The Working Principle Of Piston Rotary Lobe Pump Structure Advantages Of Application Industry

Piston lobe pump as a type of rotary lobe pump, it is widely used in industry but in the unloading of oil, sewage, sweeping warehouse, sewage, governance of urban flooding and other aspects have an important role. Today Ace Pumps will share with you the working principle, structure, advantages and application industries of the piston lobe pump.

The piston lobe pump works as follows.

The piston lobe pump belongs to the volumetric pump, simply put, this kind of pump no matter what liquid is transported, it needs to rely on the pressure difference of the atmosphere to push the liquid to flow, so as to produce a very good transport effect, the most prominent feature of its working principle is that the transported liquid can be done without contact with the inner wall of the pump body, which can effectively ensure the pressure inside the pump, no matter what high viscosity liquid is, it can be transported in the process need In the case of transport, which many pumps are unable to do.

The piston lobe pumps are constructed as follows.

The rotor of a piston lobe pump is a high-tech product. In the petroleum and petrochemical industry, the liquids that need to be transported are relatively oily, which requires a rotor with high corrosion resistance, so the rotor of a piston lobe pump is usually made of Viton, a corrosion-resistant material that has become a particularly popular rotor material in recent years.

The advantages of piston lobe pumps are as follows.

The advantages of piston lobe pumps are that they are not easily clogged, they are suitable for a wide range of liquids and they are very compact, taking up less space for installation and use, making them more space efficient than other pumps.

Piston lobe pumps can be used in the following industries.

In the petrochemical industry, when dealing with dirty oil media, fluoroelastomer is used; when dealing with methanol, EPDM rubber is used.

In the municipal sector, for the treatment of activated sludge, we choose NBR.

In the chemical industry, for solution handling, we use 304L or 316L stainless steel.

Warm reminder: the above is about the piston lobe pump working principle, structure, advantages, application industry related to the introduction. I hope that these are helpful to you, when choosing a piston lobe pump, if you do not know anything can consult Ace pump industry, Ace will be tailored to your needs belong to your lobe pump.