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May 11, 2022 View:

Six Misunderstandings Of Mechanical Seal Replacement In Rotary Lobe Pumps

The mechanical seal is a perishable part of the lobe pump equipment. When replacing mechanical seals by some misconceptions, we must pay attention to.

   1, the spring compression amount problem. Spring compression is too large, can lead to sharp wear and tear of the friction vice, instant burnout; transition of the compression spring lost the ability to adjust the East ring end face, resulting in seal failure.

2, moving ring seal ring problem. In fact, the east ring seal ring is too tight harmful. First, intensify the wear between the seal ring and the sleeve, premature leakage; Second, increase the dynamic ring axial adjustment, moving resistance, in frequent changes in working conditions can not be adjusted in a timely manner; Third, the spring transition fatigue easy to damage; Fourth, the dynamic ring seal deformation, affecting the sealing effect.

3、Static ring sealing ring problem. Static ring seal is basically in a static state, relatively tight seal effect will be better, but too tight is also harmful. First, the static ring seal caused by excessive deformation, affecting the sealing effect; Second, the static ring material to graphite mostly. Generally more brittle, the transition of force is very easy to cause shattering; third is the installation, disassembly difficulties, easy to damage the static ring.

4, impeller locking mother problem. Mechanical seal leakage, the leakage between the sleeve and the shaft (inter-shaft leakage) is more common. In fact, there are more factors that lead to inter-shaft leakage, such as inter-shaft gasket failure, offset, impurities in the shaft, shaft and sleeve with a large form error, contact surface damage, shaft parts have gaps, shaft threads are too long, etc. can lead to inter-shaft leakage. Over tightening of the locking master will only lead to premature failure of the inter-shaft gasket, on the contrary, moderate locking of the locking master will always maintain a certain compression elasticity of the inter-shaft gasket, and the locking master will automatically lock at the right time during operation, so that the inter-shaft gasket is always in a good sealing condition.

5, the old and new comparison problem. Relatively speaking, the use of new mechanical seals better than the old, but the quality of the new mechanical seal or material selection is not appropriate, with the size of the error increases will affect the sealing effect; in polymeric and permeable media, static ring such as no excessive wear, or not to follow the replacement is good. Because the static ring in the static ring seat for a long time in a static state, so that the polymer and impurities deposited as one, played a better sealing role.

6, disassembly and repair problems. Once the mechanical seal leakage will be anxious to disassemble and repair, cavitation, sometimes just adjust the working conditions or appropriate adjustment of the seal can eliminate the leakage. This is to avoid waste and can verify their own fault judgment ability, accumulate maintenance experience and improve the quality of maintenance.