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May 11, 2022 View:

Sludge Rotary Lobe Pump Always Have Gas What Happened

In general, the sludge lobe pump has been in the gas closest possible because of high flow operation, overload caused by tripping, water pipe into the air, two possibilities, one is the pump inlet pipeline air is not clean, the second is because the pump selection is not appropriate. The following is a compilation of specific solutions for you.

Stop first, close the outlet valve, exhaust, after there is no air, then turn on the machine. At this time the pump is in a no-load state, at this time slightly open a little export valve, run a minute or two, and then open a little, as long as the pump does not appear sound change, can continue to open the valve again, there is a pressure change is larger or the sound obviously changed, need to stop, exhaust. Until the outlet pressure is close to the rated head of the pump, and the pressure is stable, the sound is smooth. This process is over and the pump can run continuously.

This is the solution to the constant gas in the sludge lobe pump, I hope you find it helpful!