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May 18, 2022 View:

Sludge lobe pump selection points

lobe pump, also known as lobe lobe pump, piston lobe pump, rotary piston pump, is a volumetric pump with a wide inlet and outlet, and its applications include handling petroleum and petrochemical oil-water mixtures, those containing particulate matter, high viscosity, or media that tend to wind up the pump.
The sludge lobe pump, as the name implies, is the pump used to handle sludge. Regarding the selection points, it is also necessary to choose the right pump type according to the scale of the wastewater treatment plant, the area where it is located and the frequency of use.
Mainly from the following points of analysis:
Sludge wear: sludge wear on the pump is normal, need to replace the rotor, stator (for screw pumps) by time.
Equipment maintenance cost: the initial purchase does not meet the owner's requirements, but the later parts cost is 5% - 10% of the whole pump; the process of replacement is simple: only the pump cover needs to be removed in the pipeline to replace the rotor, no need to remove the motor.
Pump footprint: ground mounted, 1/3 of a progressive cavity pump.
Energy saving and environmental protection: about this, many customers do not think, but after seeing the industrial electricity consumption at the end of the month, it will surprise you.
Overall, choose a pump, consider whether it is easy to use and maintain, whether the effect is satisfactory, the price is proportional to the value, and if it meets the expectation, it is the right pump.