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May 14, 2022 View:

Sludge lobe rotor pump shutdown after the attention

There are many issues to be aware of when transporting sludge. Generally, ordinary pumps cannot transport sludge, so most of the time we need to choose a sludge lobe lobe pump, which can transport sludge at a more expensive price, but is also cost-effective. So sludge lobe lobe pump what should we pay attention to after using it?

lobe pump

1, sludge lobe lobe pump is not expensive

Although the price of sludge lobe lobe pump is much higher compared to ordinary pumps, it is a professional pump that is more expensive. price is much higher, but as a professional sludge pump, it is cheaper again, after all, it is stronger, adaptable to use in sludge sewage, and easy to use in the use, the failure rate is very low.

2. Attention after using sludge lobe lobe pump

Because sludge lobe lobe pump is used in sewage sludge, the use environment is very harsh, after use, there may be a lot of crystals and precipitation inside, these things are easy to clog if they remain inside the pump, and over time also The pump body will be unusable and aging, so it is best to flush it with water after use to avoid internal precipitation.

3. Regular overhaul and maintenance

We know its price, but we also need to know how to overhaul and maintain it, which is very necessary, after a long period of use, the sludge lobe lobe pump will also have potential problems, if not dealt with, there may be a lot of trouble, so we need to regularly overhaul and maintenance, in order to avoid some harm. The company's products and services are designed to be used in a variety of ways.

The sludge lobe lobe pump, which is more expensive than ordinary pumps, should be maintained and serviced more frequently to ensure its longevity.