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May 14, 2022 View:

Sludge pump choose rotor pump or screw pump

Water sludge transportation, it is important to ensure that the nature of the transport process is not destroyed, so many people put the advantages of different equipment together to compare. Some even ask the question of whether to choose a lobe pump or a screw pump for sludge pumps, but both are possible. The same equipment as a transport medium, only with some differences in effectiveness.

lobe pump

There are many similarities between lobe pump and screw pumps, and both are suitable for transportation. Only first, the lobe pump is a little more advantageous from an application standpoint, with different options for different manufacturers.

1, maintenance cost perspective

The maintenance cost of screw pumps is indeed higher than that of lobe pump, so many manufacturers may be in this point to consider. Single screw pumps are cheaper to buy than lobe pump, except that maintenance costs are higher, so it depends on the respective choices. Currently on the market, there are manufacturers who use both types of equipment.

2, the frequency of parts replacement

The sludge pump choose lobe pump or screw pump, frequently applied to transport media, naturally also can not be separated from the replacement cost of accessories to think about. Screw pump replacement parts are a little more frequent, which may affect production. But if the equipment is not damaged, there is no need to replace the parts, so the difference is not much.

People's standard of living has increased dramatically, so the wastewater treatment problem is changing accordingly, and the corresponding manufacturers are relatively more focused on the efficiency and cost of treatment. The sludge pump choose lobe pump or screw pump, currently choose these two equipment is possible, but each has its own advantages. The lobe pump may have a little more obvious advantage, but there are many manufacturers who use screw pumps. As the point of need and budget are different, it is enough to choose the right one, and there is not much point in comparing the good with the bad.