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May 14, 2022 View:

Sludge rotor pump use and selection instructions

A common transport pump in our life is the sludge lobe pump, this pump in our life plays a big role, for this pump in the selection of many things to pay attention to, so that you can choose the right model, then, the sludge lobe pump use and selection instructions in the end what are some of them? The first thing you need to know is how to use it.

lobe pump

What is a sludge lobe pump

A sludge lobe pump is a lobe pump used to process sludge, and the selection points are based on the scale of the wastewater treatment plant, the area, and the use of the pump.

The main points of the selection are based on the scale of the wastewater treatment plant, the area, the frequency of use, etc., from these aspects need to appear to choose the right kind of pump type.

Note on sludge lobe pump selection

1. Sludge wear: It is normal for sludge to cause some wear and tear on the pump, which requires the rotor and stator to be replaced on time after a period of use.

2. Equipment maintenance costs: lobe pump can have many problems during use, so it is important to pay attention to good maintenance work at a later stage, when the maintenance equipment only needs to remove the pump cover on the pipeline to replace the rotor, without removing the motor for repair and maintenance.

3. The pump covers an area of land: when selecting the model before purchase, you should also know the pump covers an area of land, so as to ensure that it is placed in the right place after purchase.

4, energy saving and environmental protection: sludge lobe pump purchase should also focus on environmental protection, if the purchase of environmentally unfriendly, the end of the month of industrial electricity will be a lot of.

This is all we have to say about the use and selection of sludge lobe pump. In general, we should consider whether it is easy to use and maintain when buying, and we should also consider the pump footprint, energy saving and environmental protection.