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May 18, 2022 View:

Solutions to common failures in the use of lobe pumps

lobe pump is suitable for yeast, yogurt and many other industries that need high viscosity liquid transfer, for some easy sensitive material transfer will not cause damage to the physical properties of the material, lobe pump is a better choice for people. The lobe pump is irreplaceable in other forms of pumps, in the actual operation process basically no wearing parts, operation is basically maintenance-free, cleaning process is simple without dead ends, and all parts in contact with the material can be used to meet the material characteristics of stainless steel material production, hygiene, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, less maintenance, high pressure and other characteristics. Although the lobe pump is very durable, but the working conditions of the site will always have some failures, there are three common failures, here to explain the solution.
1. Abnormal vibration and noise
Because of the high viscosity of the working medium of the high viscosity lobe pump, thus easily occurring suction air phenomenon and excite a larger noise. The viscosity of the high viscosity lobe pump conveying medium determines the difficulty of medium flow, the change of flow and pressure during the conveying process, the rupture of bubbles are common causes of noise, and noise also affects the service life of high viscosity lobe pump.
Countermeasure: For the high viscosity lobe pump working pressure which often works with higher pressure should be 1-2 pressure levels lower than the rated pressure of the pump.
2. No outlet pressure or lack of pressure
The pump does not generate pressure, it only outputs flow. The low or no pressure clarifies that the high viscosity lobe pump does not draw in liquid or has serious leakage.
Countermeasures: The motor output power is small, the high viscosity lobe pump displacement is selected too large or the pressure is adjusted too high when it also forms the pressure lack. Of course, when the pressure gauge is damaged, it also does not show the pressure, at this time can change a new pressure gauge search.
3. No flow or lack of liquid output
If it is confirmed that the pump has no flow output, it may be because the pump device is wrong, there is a problem with the pump steering, or the suction side (inlet and suction pipeline) is blocked, the outlet check valve is installed backwards or jammed, or the drive shaft may be broken. High viscosity lobe pump in the low speed will cause the lack of liquid, this phenomenon is often due to the pump drive installation slippage or lack of power.
Countermeasure: Check the actual speed of the gear pump, the pipeline, the connection between the pump and the motor and the power matching condition, etc.