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May 18, 2022 View:

Some basic knowledge of the lobe pump

Some basic general knowledge of lobe pump
lobe pump is a very popular device. lobe pump is popular because it has many advantages. If lobe pump has few advantages, it will certainly not be so popular. So, what are the advantages of lobe pump? What are its application areas?
At present, centrifugal pumps, screw pumps and gear pumps are widely used in domestic process pumps, however, with the continuous improvement of production technology and process, the demand for product quality is getting higher and higher. Many of the centrifugal pumps, screw pumps and gear pumps used in the production process can no longer meet the modern requirements for product performance and quality, and the new principle of transfer pumps is the inevitable result of replacing old pumps. Centrifugal pump conveying efficiency is low, high energy consumption, high operating costs (efficiency of only 40%), when conveying viscosity and discharge pressure is large, the use of low efficiency, or even can not run. Heavy oil pumps, screw pumps and gear pumps are more efficient in the process of material transfer, but there are some disadvantages, such as poor wear resistance, unreliable operation, high maintenance workload, and difficult cleaning. And in the process of conveying corrosive media or media with sanitary requirements, they cannot meet the conveying needs. And the lobe pump does not have these disadvantages at all, in actual operation, the lobe pump basically no wearing parts, basically maintenance-free, the cleaning process is simple without dead ends, all parts in contact with the material can be made of stainless steel materials in line with the material characteristics, hygiene, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, low maintenance, high pressure characteristics are showing its strong applicability, due to the unique working principle of the lobe pump, it is in the transport of high viscosity materials and volatile materials. lobe pumpThe lobe pump has good conveying characteristics and does not damage the physical properties of some sensitive substances. Therefore it is a better choice for people to convey those difficult to flow media such as paste or sensitive substances such as yeast and yogurt.
The lobe pump can be used to convey high viscosity media such as water or gum-based fluids, corrosive chemical materials, food and medical products with strict hygiene requirements, and is a veritable universal pump. When installing a new pump, please install a strainer with 60-120 mesh in front of the pump inlet, and the effective area of the strainer should be larger than twice the diameter of the pump to avoid fluid blockage.