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Stainless steel chocolate pump from Ace


Ace Food grade lobe pumps are to be found in chocolate process, for feeding tempering machines, coaters, enrobers and holding tanks. Below is the process chart for reference.


Food grade lobe pumps

We offerjacketed lobe pumpfor chocolate transferring. The pump is named asChocolate lobe pump. Chocolate is easy to be coagulated under low temperature. To achieve an efficient transfer and successful starting, pump is built in jacket on chamber. Heating medium keeps a circulation work in the jacket, and heat the chocolate liquid. Heating mediums can be steam or hot water according to the site's conditions.


Ace chocolate lobe pump model 40BV6-5 is widely used to match the production line. Below are the main technical parameters and working site photos.

lobe pumps


More details about the chocolate pump pls click pump photo



Technical parameters


Pump information

Name:Chocolate lobe pump
Model: 40BV6-5
Displacement: 0.32L/r
Rotor type: Double-wing or tri-lobe
Contact material: SS316
Liquid inlet/outlet: 40mm
Connection type: Clamp
Port direction: Horizontal as standard
Seal type: OL seal, designed for chocolate

Recommended driving

Type: geared reducer + motor
Motor electrical power: 2.2Kw
VFD is necessary for speed regulating

Working performance

Flow range: 0-5000L/H
Rotation speed: 0-320r/min
Pressure: 0-0.6Mpa


Except chocolate,Ace food grade pumps are to be found in numerous processes, where their reliable low shear flow characteristics are ideally suited to the transfer of liquid such as starch paste, tomato paste, honey, jam, sauce products. We select the pump according to your characteristics of medium and condition of the technological requirements, bring you the best pump for your critical process, satisfied by you and your customers. Any interest pls email to [email protected] Hope we can be your partner.


Ace food grade pumps