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May 18, 2022 View:

Stainless steel lobe pump precautions before starting

Stainless steel lobe pump this may not be unfamiliar to many friends, it is widely used in beer, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, spices and other places. Its use of coupling overall assembly greatly reduces the elastic coupling power consumption makes the efficiency reap a substantial increase. The stainless steel lobe pump has two rotors in a group to divide the rotor chamber into many small spaces, and then through the rotation of the two rotors in each small space to generate pressure so that the medium in several small spaces to keep transporting until the medium is transported out.
Cautions before starting stainless steel lobe pump
Cautions before starting:
Check whether the oil quantity in the gear box is normal, observe the transparent oil mark, the oil stock is half of the oil mark sight window as appropriate, the lubricating oil should be replaced regularly, generally, all should be replaced after 4000 hours of operation.
Open all the inlet and outlet valves of the pipeline before starting, when the medium flows into the cavity and there is no abnormality after turning the pump by hand, you can point to start first, confirm the pump steering and medium flow before starting the formal operation, it is strictly forbidden to run the pump empty. When the pump reaches the normal speed, observe the pressure indicator of the pump.
When the pump installation position has suction range requirement, the inlet pipe and the pump cavity should be filled with material in the pump.
When the process requires heating or cooling of the medium, the heating or cooling device should be opened before turning on the pump, and half of the heating energy should be first mentioned * minutes to open, and then turn on the pump.
The mechanical seal pump equipped with cooling water must be turned on the cooling water before starting, and ensure that there is no break in flow after starting, otherwise the mechanical seal is damaged immediately.