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May 18, 2022 View:

Stainless steel lobe pump use precautions and operating procedures

Stainless steel lobe pump suction vacuum is -0.02~0.08Mpa, so what is the vacuum degree. The vacuum degree is, as the name implies, the degree of vacuum. The so-called vacuum refers to the state of the gas in a given space with a pressure lower than 101325 Pascal (that is, a standard atmospheric pressure of about 101KPa). In the vacuum state, it is usually expressed by the pressure value of the gas, and obviously, the smaller this pressure value is, the thinner the gas is.
There are usually two ways to identify the vacuum level:
It is identified by pressure, vacuum level (i.e. how much higher pressure than the theoretical vacuum);
In practice, the pressure value of the vacuum pump is between 0 and 101.325KPa. The pressure value needs to be measured with a pressure gauge, and the initial value of the gauge used to measure vacuum (vacuum gauge) is 101.325KPa at 20°C and altitude = 0. (i.e. one standard atmosphere)
is identified by the relative pressure, relative vacuum (i.e. how much pressure is lower than atmospheric pressure).
"Relative vacuum" is the difference between the pressure of the object to be measured and the atmospheric pressure at the place of measurement. It is measured with a common vacuum gauge. In the absence of vacuum (i.e. at atmospheric pressure), the initial value of the gauge is 0. When measuring vacuum, it is between 0 and -101.325 KPa (usually expressed as a negative number).
For example, one miniature vacuum pump PH2506B measures -75KPa, which means the pump can pump to a vacuum state 75KPa lower than the atmospheric pressure at the measurement location. Main features: high accuracy of speed regulation, large range of variable speed (speed ratio can be changed arbitrarily between 1:1.4 and 1:7), continuous working operation, smooth running, stable performance, low noise, high torque, stepless adjustable flow. However, its variable speed is to be adjusted manually, the degree of automation is not high, speed adjustment must be carried out in operation, can not stop when turning the speed hand wheel. It is not suitable for possible overload or blockage use occasions.
Motor + fixed ratio reducer
Main features: strong bearing capacity, high efficiency, low vibration, low noise, low energy consumption, simple transmission method, but because of its constant speed ratio, it determines the flow is not adjustable.
Inverter motor + inverter
Main features: high torque, high accuracy of speed regulation, smooth operation, stable performance, automatic adjustment of speed can be achieved, ensuring arbitrary control of flow, making up for the defects of the infinitely variable transmission with low automation. The disadvantage is that the price of the inverter is higher. A. Precautions before starting: Check whether the oil in the lobe pump gear box is normal, observe the transparent oil mark, the oil stock to half of the oil mark window is appropriate, the lubricant should be replaced regularly, in general, after 4000 hours of operation to replace all. Open all the inlet and outlet valves of the pipeline before starting, when the medium flows into the cavity, no abnormality after turning the pump by hand, you can first point, confirm the pump steering and medium flow before starting the official operation, it is strictly prohibited to run empty pump. When the pump reaches the normal speed, observe the pressure indicator of the pump. When the pump installation position has suction range requirements, should be filled with materials in the pump inlet pipe and pump cavity. When the process requires heating or cooling of the medium, the heating or cooling device should be opened before turning on the pump, heating energy half first * minutes to open, and then turn on the pump. Equipped with cooling water mechanical seal pump, the cooling water must be turned on before starting, and ensure that there is no break in flow after starting, otherwise the mechanical seal is damaged immediately.
1. During the operation of the lobe pump, you should pay attention to the motor power and pump operation, and stop the pump to find the reason if there is any abnormality.
2. The mechanical seal should be free of leakage and heat.
3. The pump with packing seal is allowed to have 1~3 drops per minute, if the leakage increases slightly tighten the material ring, no need to disassemble.
4. When mechanical stepless transmission is used, the speed is gradually adjusted according to the speed shown in the digital display after the machine is turned on, and it is strictly forbidden to turn the speed regulating disk when it is stopped, otherwise the induction reducer will be damaged.
5. Manual frequency regulation and automatic control can be used for those who use frequency converter to regulate speed.
6. Check the heat of pump and motor frequently, when the pump is in water cooling state, the temperature rise of bearing is 40℃. When the pump is in hot water insulation state, the bearing seat temperature is allowed to be 30℃ higher than the pump body temperature.
7. The flow rate cannot be adjusted by the valve of the inlet pipeline to avoid cavitation and vibration of the pump.
8. When the pump is running, it is strictly forbidden to close all the inlet and outlet valves.