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May 14, 2022 View:

Stainless steel rotor pump is born to meet the special needs

Guide: The stainless steel lobe pump can actually be used as a general metering pump, the benefit is that when you do the transfer of the product, this pump can also be adjusted to control the flow. And many times this stainless steel type of pump, in fact, is mainly to adapt to some special media, such as this medium has a certain degree of corrosiveness, or the acidity of this medium although not up to the possibility of corrosion, but the material of this product can adapt to these environments, thus increasing the service life of this product for the length of time, about stainless steel lobe pump need to understand the following so many points.

lobe pump

1, easy to use

Whether disassembled or installed, this product is relatively easy to use. This product is relatively easy to get started with. It's also easy to clean and take care of. The important thing is that there are not too many parts to replace, so the maintenance costs are reduced.

2. Suitable for special media

For example, if the medium is more acidic or alkaline, or if the medium is more concentrated and contains more solids, the pump of this material will be able to adapt to the requirements of these special media.

3, a variety of interface

The general stainless steel lobe pump interface will have a flange type, screw type and fast interface type so three ways.

The characteristics of stainless steel lobe pump are that it is easier to clean and the material can adapt to a variety of situations. For example, whether the medium has a certain degree of acidity or alkalinity, or whether the medium is characterized by the presence of thick slurry.