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May 11, 2022 View:

Talk About The Application Of Rotary Lobe Pumps In The Petrochemical Industry

State of the Industry

The petrochemical industry is a pillar industry in China, with its long production lines and extensive coverage. Sinopec Group alone has nearly 6,000km of oil and gas pipelines for crude oil, refined oil products and natural gas, and 24,000 petrol stations, so it can be said that the petrochemical industry plays a pivotal role in the development of China's national economy.

It is understood that some oily wastewater is produced during the process of oil extraction and oil refining, in which wastewater ponds are usually designed to collect leaking waste oil wastewater as well as oily rainwater. Oily wastewater contains dirty oil, crude oil, water, abrasive particulate matter, and requires mature, safe and efficient pumping technology when transporting such media, mainly because of the complexity of the media within the wastewater, the ease of corrosion of traditional pumps, the difficulty of maintenance, and the high risk of problems arising from long-term non-use. Therefore, rotary lobe pumps with rubber rotors are used for this station in process improvement.

lobe pumps in the petrochemical industry

In the petroleum and petrochemical industry, lobe pumps are commonly used in the transport of thick oil and crude oil, and the high pressure and shear-free characteristics are an advantage that cannot be replaced by ordinary centrifugal pumps.

lobe pump

In the accident water and oily sewage, its wear and corrosion resistant gas-liquid-solid mixed transport characteristics have also been recognized by the industry, strong self-priming ability and can be dry-transfer advantages in the accident emergency is magnified.

The strong self-priming of the rotor is unmatched by gear pumps and sliding vane pumps in oil unloading truck sweeping operations, and has a certain advantage in terms of service life, late parts costs and maintenance costs.

Advantages of lobe pumps

lobe pumps are used in a wide range of applications and can be used in almost every industry. Even highly abrasive, acidic or high solids media can be pumped.

The lobe pump has a synthetic rubber covered rotor. It is a non-contact, rotary displacement pump with a wide range of applications. It uses a pulsation-free rotating spiral rotor, which is not easily affected by foreign solids and is resistant to dry running. The pumping flow is proportional to the rotational speed and hardly varies with pressure.

The lobe pump is so compact that it does not require manual pump filling, i.e. it has a strong self-priming power with a maximum suction range of 9m; the conveying flow range is 1 - 2000m/h.

The extractable design of the lobe pump back cover allows for quick and easy maintenance on site without disassembly, so there is no need to stop production for maintenance.